Reorganization Redefined – Lebanon TN

Reorganization Redefined – Lebanon TN

Our Reorganization Project:

Reorganization Redefined: A hybrid of organization, staging and redesign utilizing available assets such as existing furniture, art work and architecture.

We had a client who wanted to ‘change’ his apartment to remove memories that reminded him of sickness and sadness and make it into a place that was uplifting and reflected his own personal tastes. This man had recently lost his lovely wife and she was the sole keeper of the home. Now he was learning to readjust everything he ever knew. We sat down with him during his consultation and we talked about his likes and dislikes and even as he was speaking, he was discovering them himself.

We went through his apartment room by room and discussed his vision. Together, we looked at everything from a different point of view, his, and we went through items that didn’t make him happy.  We also had to look at storage options for toys that the grandchildren played with when they came to visit but he didn’t want out in plain view. We took all these things into account and decided our focus needed to be on his living room and kitchen. We developed a detailed floor plan and presented it to him so that he was able to complete his project in his own time so as not to rush things. The finished plans not only fit his needs but gave him his own personal area to write and pursue his dreams.

Picture of a living room redesigned and reorganized for a widower

A living room redesigned and reorganized

The finished living room now has two distinct areas, one for television viewing and one for writing. The toys are contained and hidden under the television in a credenza that was originally in the dining room. Everything has been organized and made to be really easy to keep clean. Through it all, he discovered a love for Medieval and Ornate items and not only is he thrilled with the final result but he now knows what to purchase to enhance his home.

So essentially, the definition of reorganization is organization, staging and redesign that results in rebuilding and taking what a person has now into a life of where that person wants to go.


  1. Thanks so much for turning my living room into everything I hoped for. You took what I had and showed me how to best arrange it for the most use and comfort. Thanks again.