Building a Really Cheap Flower Garden – Lebanon TN

Building a Really Cheap Flower Garden – Lebanon TN

How would you like to build a beautiful flower garden for a lot less?

Find out how to…                         

  • Fill your garden with bargain plants

  • Hunt out materials and scraps

  • Pick plants for quick results


The word cheap seems to be such a hot catchword that it just had to be used in explaining how to build a really cheap flower garden. Generally in our household we like to refer to things that are cheap as inexpensive, however ‘inexpensive’ just didn’t fit the full-out cheapness of being able to build a garden.

Let’s start with your neighbors.  Neighbors can be a wealth of information about your house and the neighborhood in general. They can tell you what plants will grow and what plants won’t. Walking around your neighborhood helps you decide on whether a plant is working with their house or working against it, as well as what looks really bad when it becomes overgrown. In our neighborhood I noticed a neighbor that had a stash of edging stones under their back deck. When I was finally ready to dig a new area for a flower garden, I went over to ask about the stones. Turns out the neighbor was waiting for some poor sucker to take them because she didn’t want to just throw them out. Edging stones can really help define a garden space.


A garden built with Cannas, Daylilies and a Grapevine.

A garden built with Cannas, Daylilies and a Grapevine.

Start taking weekly trips to the garden center and build up a collection of plants that are on sale. Especially make sure you scope out the clearance section. Flowers that are no longer in bloom, that haven’t sold at their peak, end up on those shelves! If you become really good friends with the sales people you might even find out what day of the week they markdown the plants. You can keep the pots on your patio until you have enough plants to start your garden or just plant them as you get them if your garden spot is already prepared.

Yellow Dwarf Cannas really pop against a red brick house.

Yellow Dwarf Cannas really pop against a red brick house.


Here are some tips for building your own cheap garden:

  • Buy Perennial plants that multiply. Cannas, Hostas, Asiatic Lilies, Daylilies, are just a few good examples of plants that like to multiply.
  • Check out the clearance and sale sections of the outdoor department of hardware stores. Know your plants before you go! Plants without tags that no one can identify can go for really cheap!
  • Look for edging materials from leftover projects like wood, bricks or river stone to use to line your garden.
  • Check out your neighbors’ yards! They may be willing to trade plants or even have leftovers materials from a project. You just never know until you ask.
  • For holidays and events, ask for perennial plants instead of cut flowers. That way you get to fill your gardens and relive the memories from it over and over again.
  • Move or divide plants from other areas of your yard.
  • Mix in vegetable and fruit plants for a really lush look.

Be prepared though, as some plants like strawberries will quickly take over an area. Last year I bought five plants and they multiplied into twenty-five plants before the end of the year. This year I have upwards of 150 plants that have taken over my raised garden and are in additional pots all over the deck. I may have to sell strawberries on the street next year.

So now that you can build a flower garden really cheap, what are you waiting for?


  1. Kathy, you are right on about the clearance racks for plants or flowers. I have many I have purchased just that way. Speaking of Daylilies….they multiply at a very fast rate! I have split mine for the last couple seasons and will be doing it again this fall too. If you are in the market for some just let me know; I will be happy to share! 🙂

    • Thank you Cindy, It is important to be able to recognize the plants on the clearance racks, and yes, I would be happy to get more plants to build my garden!

  2. I love the flowers & greenery around your deck Im going to use tthose plants thank you