The Fireplace IS the Focal Point of Your Room – Lebanon TN

The Fireplace IS the Focal Point of Your Room – Lebanon TN

A hearth is one of the most inviting features in your whole house. If you have a fireplace then you should be aware that it is the centerpiece, the focal point, of your room and should NOT be the television in the corner. The fireplace has been placed with deliberateness to give your house elegance. It was designed by the architect of your house for that purpose. It was not an afterthought! Your fireplace should be a thing of beauty.

What a fireplace is not:

A fireplace is not a place to stack things to keep them out of your children’s reach. Let’s not put large pieces of furniture like a cabinet or a bookshelf in front of the fireplace and treat the fireplace like it doesn’t exist.  Why would anyone want to stash their car keys on the fireplace? Would you have trouble finding you keys otherwise? As far as decorating is concerned, there isn’t an air freshener that is elegant enough to use as a piece of art on a mantel.

What a fireplace is:

A fireplace is timeless and the movement of the fire itself becomes a kinetic piece of art. There is something in our basic human nature that draws us to a roaring fire; it’s more than the light it gives off, it is a feeling of safety and we want to feel safe in our own home. Truly there is nothing like the peacefulness of wanting to rest next to a fire with a good book in our hands and taking a little time out from the everyday busyness of our lives.

A fireplace can set the mood from season to season

The same fireplace with different accessories changes the whole atmosphere of a room.

It’s time to bring back the focus to the fireplace. The mantel displays can set the tone of the room. Notice the difference in the pictures above same fireplace in the same room. The colors in the first picture are richer and really warm up the room making it great for the cooler months. The colors for the second picture are crisp and cool and really give the summer months a light and airy look. The mantel can also be used to a display a tasteful collection.

Making the fireplace your masterpiece:

Where do you begin? Begin by arranging the furniture so that it surrounds the fireplace and makes it appear special, like you can’t wait to sit down next to it. When the furniture is in place, then it’s time to dress up the mantel. You need to see the mantelpiece as another piece of art and that you get to be the designer. Find something personal that makes you happy and make a display that includes it.  Change it out frequently so it doesn’t become boring and it will fill you with excitement every time you see it. Even changing it with the seasons or with the holidays will keep it always looks fresh and inviting. For the hearth, don’t forget to add a something like a basket overflowing with either beautiful chenille throws or kindling wood set to one side of the fireplace box.  Using a set of large candlesticks with candles colored to match your mantle display will tie everything together and create an area you will be proud to show-off.

It’s time to bring back the focus to the fireplace and on elegance because the fireplace IS the focal point of your room.