Relocation Can Be a Smooth Move

Relocation Can Be a Smooth Move

Relocation Can Be a Smooth Move

Moving can be one of the most stressful or most exciting times and it all depends on how you approach it. Relocation can be a smooth move with this method. Personally, I have unpacked entire households, by myself, in under twenty-four hours! Learn how to:

  • Label Your Boxes The Right Way
  • Use The Master Plan
  • Evaluate Your Stuff – Again
  • Have a Landing Spot

Do you really want to drag that around with you again?

I know, I know, I say this a lot, but really, moving is like cleaning out your closet, you have to really consider if something is worth keeping. Not only will there be less to pack but also less to have to find a place for in your new home. Before you start packing, evaluate what you will be taking with you and cull through the unnecessary stuff. It will not only lighten your load but make you feel happier and relaxed in your new place.

Packing boxes for a move to a new home

Your move should be an exciting adventure.

Label Those Boxes The Right Way

It is not the shape or the size of the boxes that matter as much as what you have on the outside of them.

Labels are important and you will need three per box. The labels need to be placed one on the top and two on opposite sides of the box. That way no matter how the box is stacked you will be able to see the label. On the labels write only the name of the room, and the number of the box. So the labels will essentially say Bedroom Closet # 01 or Kitchen Pantry # 03 and so on. Be specific, bathrooms boxes can be labeled into Master Bathroom, Master Bathroom Closet, Master Bathroom Cabinet, you get the idea.

Important note: I have moved every which way, state-to-state, moving trucks, moving companies, back of vans, church groups, with friends that were coerced into helping and I highly suggest to you that you DON’T list the contents of your boxes on the labels. Sometimes things turn up ‘missing’. That’s why I suggest the next piece of advice…

The Master List:

Everybody needs a plan of action and the most important piece of paper that you will have is your master list. It will be so important that I will tell you right now- don’t lose it, and keep it with you during the move! The master list will have all the box numbers, room names and the contents of each box written on it. It will help you find everything. Be somewhat specific about what’s in the box. If your pots and pans are wrapped with hand towels then write that on your master list WITH the name and number of the box you packed them in.

The Landing Spot:

Choose an extra bedroom or the garage in your new home as the place where all the boxes will go, this is the landing spot. Only furniture and extremely very heavy boxes should be put in their respective rooms. When it’s time to unpack, take one box to the room listed on the label. Yes, one box at a time. Having the boxes in the landing room will help if some complication arises and you can’t get to unpacking, you can just close the door. Your master list will also make sure you aren’t missing any boxes.

Done this way, you will not be overwhelmed and confused in a house with various piled up boxes, trying to navigating a mess while putting stuff away. With these your relocation tools you too can have a smooth move.


  1. This is very helpful thank you for posting. We will be moving in a year and I already feel less stressed after reading this!

  2. This is brilliant! I love the idea of a master list. I’m bad about just throwing things into boxes whether or not it belongs together, so that will save me a lot of time!

  3. Yay! Thank you for posting this Kathleen!!! I am very excited to move this time and to try your tips!!

    • Ashley, I’ve always looked at moving as an adventure and the making it as smooth as possible makes it more fun! Thank you!