Home Staging Consultation

Home Staging Consultation at A Fresh Designed Interiro

Home Staging Plan

First what are the benefits from having your home staged?

~How about getting the maximum profit on the house by making it desirable to the greatest number of people.

~How about reducing the amount of time your house is on the market so you can move on to your next style of living.

~How about having your house livable and stress-free without all the clutter and cleanup.

~How about having your house prepared and ready for any last minute showings.

~How about being committed to getting your house sold as quickly and for a greater return on your investment.


How do you get started?

With A Freshly Designed Interior’s Home Staging Consultation!


We will discuss your goals, expectations and how to receive the maximum return on investment for your home improvement dollars.

Together we will analyze each room using an detailed process. Taking notes and pictures as we walk through the home seeing everything as a buyer would, gathering those all-important first impressions.

We will make recommendations so every room is given a new perspective, as well as giving you demonstrations, techniques, tips and advice on furniture arrangement, color and decorating, organizing, and answering any of your questions.

We will also detail the cosmetic improvements recommended, upgrades, paint color choices, any needed repairs, suggested additional accessory purchases and details.

A report will follow from our full walk-through consultation will be emailed with pictures and all the suggestions typed up detailing all the actions we discussed.

Total Evaluation price of $149

Additional Assistance

After the Full Market Ready Consultation, if you would like to continue to make changes, we will work together, and spend a couple hours transforming your spaces with furniture arrangement, accessory placement, organization and decluttering if necessary.

At an additional rate of $20 per hour.

Shopping Service

We’ll create a budget and shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home.

Additional services available based upon the home’s needs and home seller’s budget.